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The Best of the Best


Twin Lights Group selects from, and certifies in the very best the cloud has to offer.

From productivity, to fully fledged cyber security suites, Twin Lights Group can help you move your company to the cloud.


Powered by AT&T

Twin Lights Group partners with AT&T, the world’s leading network provider.


 Twin Lights Group has been an AT&T’s Solution Provider Champion since our inception. 


Working with a Solution Provider means that you enjoy the benefit of AT&T’s advanced technology services, coupled with the personalized service of a consultancy with over 30 years of telecom and networking experience. 



Don't Go it Alone.


At Twin Lights Group, we understand that cloud computing can sometimes be frustrating – after all, if your business is in the cloud, that means your support is as well. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.


 Our fully certified Business Analysts & Network Engineers employ a classic, modular, four-step system that is applicable to all of our solutions, giving you confidence and a smoothing deployment.


Our Partners

Twin Lights carefully selects best-in-class Cloud and Connectivity Service Providers.


We fully certify our Sales Executives, Business Analysts & Engineers in each of their programs, giving us a deep understanding of what solutions would work best for your company allowing your business to painlessly get up and running on any of the services we offer, with your staff fully trained and ready to use the product to its fullest capacity.


 Our ongoing SURESupport program ensures that you’re supported throughout the life of your service, so that you’re not facing any issues that may arise alone.



Twin Lights Group - 51 Cragwood Road, Suite 308, South Plainfield NJ 07080 | 732-387-4444

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