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Connectivity Services

Powered by AT&T.

When we move your applications and data to the cloud, your network becomes more important then ever.  That’s why we’ve partnered with AT&T, the world’s leading network provider.  Twin Lights Group has been an AT&T’s Solution Provider Champion since our inception.  Working with a Solution Provider means that you, the customer, enjoy the benefit of AT&T’s advanced technology services, coupled with the personalized service of a consultancy with over 30 years of telecom and networking experience. 

We are able to bring our customers great offers encompassing the latest services from AT&T including:

AVPN – A global MPLS network for your business, connecting all your locations and employees to a private superhighway.

Hosting & Virtual Private Cloud Services – A variety of co-location and cloud services for your business, all housed in AT&T’s reliable data centers.

High Availability Networking – Connectivity to the cloud is a must.  AT&T has solutions that will ensure your network connections stay up and running.

Voice Over IP – Connect your Phone System to the cloud, improve reliability and your business process using AT&T IP Flex and Enhanced Features.

Mobility – In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to work on the go is vital.  AT&T is a leader in the mobile marketplace and has a broad portfolio of solutions.

Internet– Roughly 33% of all Internet traffic traverses AT&T's Global Network.  AT&T is an ISP that can better connect you to your customers and resources.

NetBonding – AT&T’s global IP network is directly connected to the world’s leading cloud companies through “net bonding.” SaaS and cloud applications run even better.

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